La Revue du vin de France Academy (Switzerland)

Programme only in French for now. English version is in the making. The “Revue du vin de France Academy” (RVFA) certification offers wine courses on 3 levels of expertise. It is the only programme to highlight 3 tasting techniques:

  • Intuitive tasting
  • Geo-sensory tasting
  • Analytical tasting

This training complements the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) certified programme. It is also suitable for those who wish to have a better understanding of the scientific mechanisms of tasting thanks to neuroscience. During these courses, you will have the opportunity to taste wines from around the world including organic, biodynamic and/or natural wines.

Additional information is available directly on Pur Jus Education RVFA Swiss page here.

Niveau 1 de la RVF Academy

Les essentiels du vin
1 jour = 7 heures
7 vins fins dégustés

Niveau 2 de la RVF Academy

Approfondissement des techniques
3 jours = 21 heures
21 vins fins dégustés

Niveau 3 de la RVF Academy

Formation Expert en Oenologie
5 jours = 35 heures
35 vins fins dégustés